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ASAP Request for Quote

It May Be Impossible...

To Create A Form That Fills Itself Out

But We've Tried...


This is certainly a day and age where we encounter computerized forms nearly every day.  In an ongoing effort, we've invested hundreds of hours in software development to create a "Request for Quote" form that will learn as it goes and prompts for only absolutely necessary information in order to solicit our carriers and provide as a price quote that would be as accurate as possible.  Our customers expect us to provide them price quotes that can be used for budgeting their tradeshow marketing spending.


We have already done much of the information gathering work on the major tradeshows.  Our system will pre-populate most of the tradeshow information fields such as venue, show management, marshaling yard, target dates, and deadlines.  So, you've just got to try it out!  We promise to get back to you with an accurate tradeshow shipping quote that you can take with you into your budgeting meeting.  Try the link button (at the top)!


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