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Just Wanna Get Out!

Wouldn't it be great to just go home after the show closes?  But wait, you're in charge...  Did you fill out the "Material Handling" documents?  When will the empty cargo containers be brought back to the booth area?  Are the crates going to get shipping labels applied?  I guess it's safe to say you can leave once the I&D (Installation and Dismantle) company arrives to start packing up your exhibit.  You should be able to trust that they will get a cargo manifest filled out and the Material Handling paperwork turned in.  Hope so...  This is where TLC-Expo shines, we'll be at the show "before it closes" to help you with getting the paperwork filled out properly.  We know that there's no point in having to wait around because everything will come together in due time.  We also know that if we don't keep a sharp eye, things can go wrong. Sometimes even in a malicious way.  No worries we're watching out.

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