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A Team Player

Team PlayersWhen your business has a new product or service to introduce to the world, making the introduction at a trade show is an ideal forum. In one place, you have an entire gathering of very key people where everyone attending or exhibiting is involved in your industry in some particular role. You also have to consider that even though your customers and prospective customers will be on hand to see the introduction of your new product or service, your competition will also be watching as you attempt to take additional market share. With all of these factors in mind, it is very important to have...

a carefully constructed marketing plan that outlines the precise posturing for the introduction of the new product or service. Scott Mahfouz


Set a goal to have everyone on your team armed with a general understanding of the critical details as well as being able to envision the big picture and the purpose of exhibiting at a trade show. Often a company will spend over half of its annual marketing budget at one trade show event. Therefore, everyone needs to be aware of the potential runaway costs and strive to maximize the return on investment. Our staff at TLC-Expo have committed to not only knowing all the intricacies of the shipping business, but also to concern ourselves with the big picture of trade show marketing. We train our associates on the marketing aspects of exhibiting at show and also our critical role of cost and risk management. Mishaps such as missed deadlines, delays, or damage to the exhibit properties are very costly and can greatly distort the projected return. We do our best to apply our expertise to find the best way to transport your exhibit properties, consider time restraints, procure the proper equipment for the job and provide accurate pricing, and when possible, choices for alternative plans.

The bottom line is... We want to help to maximize your ROI. That is what exhibiting at a trade show is all about. If you can come away from the show and see the benefits of participating on paper in the way of profits, it's all worthwhile. We want to be part of your team and prove that we deliver your "CORPORATE IMAGE".