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Delivering to the Show Venue

Show VenueAfter the driver has made his journey from your pick-up location to the trade show venue, (which could span several days) his delivery day has just begun. The first order of business is to locate the marshaling yard where all the inbound trucks will park and wait to be called to the loading docks.

Once the driver has a found a spot to park his rig, he will then... check in with the drayage dispatcher... usually at an office trailer parked at or near the marshaling yard. The dispatchers job is to direct which particular trucks to send to the loading docks at the show venue. They typically decide based upon where on the show floor the exhibitor has their space reserved and also the size of their exhibit space.

Typically the freight is brought into show floor starting from the front working their way to the rear where the freight dooris are located. This makes it easier for the forklift drivers to navigate through the isles until all of the crates have been brought in.


Once the driver gets his call to the loading docs at the venue, he will relinquish his responsibility for the load to the drayage contractor and his bill of lading will be signed off by the dock supervisor once the truck is unloaded for each particular exhibitor. If there is damage to any crates the dock supervisor will note exceptions on the bill of lading and the damage will be the responsibility of the carrier, otherwise the supervisor will sign for the shipment and the driver will be sent on his way. In some cases, if a driver is carrying more than one exhibitor, and the drayage contractor is not ready to receive the freight for the second exhibitor, the driver could end up back at the marshaling yard to wait again to be called. This is a rare occurrence, more often than not... the drayage contractor will off-load the freight to a staging area and allow the driver to leave. This is provided that there is available space for staging.

Once the exhibitors crates have been unloaded, the drayage forklift operators will deliver the crates to the asile area suroanding the exhibitors space. The exhibitor's designated I & D (installation and dismantle) contractor will begin to unload the crates and construct and assemble the exhibit. Once the crates are empty, an "Empty" label is adhered to the crates and the drayage forklift operators make their way around the show floor and remove the empty crates to a special holding area for storage until the show is over. The whole process is reversed when the show closes.