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A Team Player

Team PlayersWhen your business has a new product or service to introduce to the world, making the introduction at a trade show is an ideal forum. In one place, you have an entire gathering of very key people where everyone attending or exhibiting is involved in your industry in some particular role. You also have to consider that even though your customers and prospective customers will be on hand to see the introduction of your new product or service, your competition will also be watching as you attempt to take additional market share. With all of these factors in mind, it is very important to have...

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Preparing for Pickup

Building a CrateThere is one huge looming deadline that comes just before the trade show. It's when the truck arrives to pickup your exhibit properties and show materials. Of course, this shipment is very time sensitive and absolutely must deliver to the show on schedule. Besides all of the things that can go wrong once the shipment has left your docks, what's worse than incurring additional costs because the shipment wasn't ready when the driver arrived.

At TLC-Expo we offer our experience and expertise and coach our customers as to the best way to prepare their shipment.

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Delivering to the Show Venue

Show VenueAfter the driver has made his journey from your pick-up location to the trade show venue, (which could span several days) his delivery day has just begun. The first order of business is to locate the marshaling yard where all the inbound trucks will park and wait to be called to the loading docks.

Once the driver has a found a spot to park his rig, he will then...

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Using a Flatbed Trailer

Vintage Flatbed Truck

Arranging a flatbed trailer may seem like a simple thing to do; however, it can turn into a nightmare if the correct information is not given to your carrier. There are a number of different types of trailers available and rates vary depending on the type of trailer you need. The following are a few of the basics...

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