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Craig Bond

Craig Bond is the new Managing Director of Show Solutions LLC and is finalizing his purchase of the company from Gary. Craig came into the business in 2004 and was baptized into all of the tradeshow nightmares that come with transporting exhibit properties to and from show venues. He has implemented many new systems and procedures to help insure that no details are neglected and that shipments are tracked and traced and costly mishaps are avoided. When he is not sitting at his desk, he can be found at the local country club golf course.

Gary Huneycutt

Gary HuneycuttGary Huneycutt has been involved in tradeshow transportation for over 30 years working in an employee roll as well as having owned his own companies. Gary is the original founder of Show Solutions LLC which continues to be the entity in which Tradeshow Logistics Consulting and TLC-Expo operate. After having handed over the reigns to Craig Bond he continues to give his clients personal service even though he had retired in 2010.  He just loves this stuff.

Linda Huneycutt

Linda HuneycuttLinda Huneycutt is of course Gary's wife and works with him in the business keeping busy spending his money and keeping their casino points accumulating for free rooms and buffets when they are supervising freight at Las Vegas tradeshows. She also is in charge of Gary's expense reports and being sure he is reimbursed for any and all travel expenses. From time to time she will be the squeaky hinge that calls on clients that have become mere hours past due on paying their invoices.

Scott Mahfouz

Scott Mahfouz

Scott Mahfouz joined the team in 2008 having also worked in the tradeshow industry for several years as well as business management in the van line industry. Scott is now the General Manager and oversees the accounting and information systems. Scott has also started, sold and run several technology businesses into the ground. With his vast experience, he is amazed each day with just how much he still doesn't know about anything.